About Hammerlund / Colorado

Hammerlund Construction, LLC
Sedalia Colorado

Hammerlund Construction, LLC was formed on July 12, 2013 and officially opened for business in August 2013 at 7396 Reynolds Drive in Sedalia, CO. Our 3,000 SF office and 6,856 SF dual bay shop are located on over two (2) acres in the Reynolds Industrial Park in Douglas County.

Although Hammerlund Construction, Inc. originated in Minnesota, the management team and field personnel for Hammerlund Construction are all from Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. The combined experience of the management team represents over 200 years of Colorado construction experience.

Hammerlund Construction, LLC followed an unusual start-up model by obtaining new and extremely late model equipment instead of buying used early model equipment or piecing together fleets of many manufacturers. Our oldest piece of equipment is a 2012 model and the majority of our fleet is 2014 models. This allows us to minimize our downtime, run more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, attract higher caliber operators and run more tecknologically advanced and cabpable machines.